Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Grey Lodge Occult Review

The Cut-Up Films of William S. Burroughs (1963-1972) (AVI): Five seminal films by Burroughs in collaboration with Anthony Balch: William Buys a Parrot (1963), Towers Open Fire (1963), Ghost at n°9 (Paris) (1963-1972) Bill and Tony (1972) and The Cut-Ups (1966). You can also listen to audio by Burroughs and read his Electronic Revolution (1970). 

UbuWeb | Spring 2006

GreyLodge: UbuWeb's New Partner UbuWeb is pleased to announce our new alliance with the incredible avant-garde resource GreyLodge, home of the Grey Lodge Occult Review and G-Pod. Over the past year, we have shared a similar aesthetic and have mirrored each other's content. Now, with the two sites partnering, you will see an increase in new film and audio offerings on UbuWeb, as well as a great increase in bandwidth and server stability for GL users. Welcome GreyLodge!
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