Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

crash-test dummy

all Firefox versions are named after public parks

Smoking fast Firefox 2 alpha is out

A new public alpha of Firefox 2 has gone live. The browser, code-named "Bon Echo" (all Firefox versions are named after public parks) is nowhere near ready for prime-time, but it is smokin' hot fast on my Powerbook, easily twice as fast at managing tabs and tab-switches as the current Firefox. Regrettably, almost none of my Firefox "extensions" (plugins) worked with Bon Echo, but I'm willing to live without them temporarily while I play at crash-test dummy. Link

Update: Leonard sez, "Use the Nightly Tester Tools extension to get around those silly version issues. Obviously if the extensions are actually broken you'll have issues, but almost everything I have works even on the FF3 trunk builds (I run 40-50 extensions)."

Adam also suggests "You might want to try the MR Tech Local Install extension for forcing extensions to work with Bon Echo Alpha - I've haven't tried it w/the latest Bon Echo Alpha, but it worked really well for Bon Echo Alpha a month or two back."

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