Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

A Sad Sad Song

A Sad Sad Song

Charles Crawford... A Sad Sad Song (HY SIGN 2114, .mp3 audio 04:07). "...This is of course rightly hailed as a deep soul masterpiece. Crawford takes his time to set the scene for his tale of woe over a solo piano, then in his rather Otis Redding flavoured way delivers an emotion filled vocal over a sympathetic backdrop provided by the Shreveport, LA., Sound City regulars led by drummer James Stroud . Southern soul in the classic 6/8 tempo, delivered in the grand manner. This cut should have been just the first of many such singles – but sadly this was not to be. Crawford, who now lives in Dallas and still does a little night-club work every once in a while, only has this 45 to his name." From Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven. Thank you, DMc.
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