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2 Arrested in Homeless Life Insurance Scam

Pair are accused of obtaining policies on two men who later died in hit-and-run accidents.
By Cara Mia DiMassa and Richard Winton
Times Staff Writers

May 19, 2006

Two women in their 70s were arrested Thursday after they allegedly befriended two homeless men, took out 19 life insurance policies on them and filed claims worth more than $2.2 million after the transients mysteriously died in hit-and-run pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles.,0,5341822.story?coll=la-home-headlines
From the Los Angeles Times

the women befriended McDavid and Vados and provided them with apartments in exchange for signing a life insurance policy, with Rutterschmidt and Golay listed as the beneficiaries. They then allegedly duplicated both men's signatures on rubber stamps and used them to secure additional policies.

On November 8, 1999, Vados was found dead in a Hollywood alley. He appeared, according to investigators, to have been run over by a car in a hit-and-run accident. Both women claimed his body.

McDavid was found dead in an alley off Westwood Boulevard just south of Wilshire Boulevard about 1 a.m. June 22, 2005. Authorities say the pair ultimately received about $2 million in insurance settlements for his death.
Olga Rutterschmidt
Olga Rutterschmidt

Helen Golay
Helen Golay

May 18, 2006

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