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six Vermont towns calling for the impeachment of President Bush.

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Ex-DHS Watchdog Faced Pressure Ahead of 2004 Election
In Washington, the former Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security has admitted he was pressured to tone down criticism of the agency in the months before the 2004 election. The official, Clark Kent Ervin, was hired to serve as an independent watchdog inside the agency. But he has admitted to ABC News that then Secretary Tom Ridge intimidated him, stared him down and forced him to back off on issuing critical reports on the state of homeland security ahead of the election.

Vermonters Deliver Impeachment Resolution to Capitol Hill
A delegation from Vermont went to Capitol Hill on Monday to deliver resolutions passed by six Vermont towns calling for the impeachment of President Bush. "The reason we're doing this is because as citizens of the USA we are honor bound to uphold the laws of the land, to defend the constitution of the US," said Vermont bookstore owner Ellen Tenney. "When we witness what we believe in our hearts and know in our minds to be lawless acts committed against the great people of this country we must stand up and speak out." Meanwhile there are now 36 members of the House who have officially co-sponsored a resolution to begin impeachment proceedings against President Bush. The latest lawmakers signing on are Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois and Chaka Fattah of Pennsylvania.

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On May 2nd, 2006 09:50 am (UTC), ankh156 commented:
Illinois, Vermont...
Somebody told me California's in, too. (?)
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