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Preachers and Fascists, Out of My Panties

Jasmina Tesanovic: Preachers and Fascists, Out of My Panties

Jamina Tesanovic
Belgrade, April 24, 2006

Preachers and Fascists, Out of My Panties
(Italian feminist slogan, Milano rally, January 2006)

Easter is not a religious feast anymore. This is Serbian Jihad, said a young man, a hip icon in the young generation of writers and musicians.

Only a few days ago, a new law on the church was passed in the Parliament, notwithstanding its outrageous piety and lack of public debate. In this country, or what's left of it, where no law on church existed since 1945, this law spins the wheel of history past that year to centuries before. The Serbian church becomes a state within the state, a privileged entity out of reach of civil law.

Even honest priests and believers are scandalized by such fundamentalism. As somebody said: why do we need such a church law at all? It's enough to have an amendment in the constitution guaranteeing freedom of all religions. Like in the US -- but the problem is that we don’t even have a constitution yet.


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