Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

"Condoleezza Rice Go Home" from the central Athens Music Hall

Thousands Protest Condoleezza Rice in Greece
In Greece, thousands of demonstrators tried to march earlier today to the U.S. embassy in Athens to protest a visit by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Police dressed in riot gear fired tear gas and clashed with demonstrators. On Monday, protesters managed to hoist a giant poster reading "Condoleezza Rice Go Home" from the central Athens Music Hall, next to the U.S. embassy. Two years ago Rice’s predecessor Colin Powell had to cancel a visit to Athens in order to avoid mass protests.

Report: White House to Hire Fox News Anchor As Spokesperson
In news from Washington, CNN is reporting that Fox News anchor Tony Snow is likely to soon leave his job at Rupert Murdoch’s network and become the chief spokesperson of President Bush -- succeeding White House press secretary Scott McClellan. Sources said they expect an announcement within the next few days.

President Bush’s Approval Rating Sinks to 32 Percent
Here at home, support for Presidential Bush has reached a new low. A new CNN poll found only 32 percent of the country approve of the president’s performance. Last week a Fox News polls put Bush’s approval rating at just 33 percent.
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