Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Letter to the Editor (IHT)

TO: Distinguished Recipients
FM: John Whitbeck

Transmitted below is a brief letter of mine which was published in
today's International Herald Tribune.



Hu in the U.S.

Your editorial "Hu and Zhao" (April 19) states, "When it comes to the
fundamental human principles of freedom and justice, China is in the
Dark Ages."

Perhaps, but it is far from clear that today's United States is any better.

The American decision to not be a candidate for a seat on the UN's new
human rights body was not based simply on petulance over the refusal of
other states to grant the United States a permanent seat. In any free
vote by secret ballot with more candidates than seats, the chances that
the United States would be elected to a human rights body are absolutely

John V. Whitbeck, Jidda, Saudi Arabia
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