Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Hello from Alana in NZ

Dear loved ones

Im sending you this email to let you know that i have been busy in the
recording studio and thought you may like to hear the music i have
been making.  I am releasing my songs through b-side records aotearoa
ltd, an independant label.  My music is now available over the
internet and is included on the latest b-side release, due to be in
stores soon, called HOLY COW.   There are preview tracks to hear on
the site - it is has been a labour of love getting it all together.

I am well and happy and living in Raglan on the west coast of nz.  Its
a small town of 3000 and its been good for me living here as ive got
alot of work completed and new works in progress.  Please leave me a
message on the site if you wish, and also please pass this link on to
any friends that you think may be interested (yes, a little bit of
viral marketing but hey its a whole new world).  Furthermore, if you
know of a musician who you would like to help and you think they cut
the mustard, but need help in getting their music out there - please
send them this link and tell them to email me, i will do the best i
can to help them, maybe they could get their work onto the next b-side
compliation album - music and the non traditional artist is what
b-side records is all about.

Sending you much love and many good wishes

(aka Miss La)

-- Follow this link to find out what's new at b-side records:
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