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Anthony Shadid on Lebanon--WashPost 4/16/06

  This article, published last Sunday, is a charming, evocative and
perceptive look at rural Lebanon by one of our best working journalists,
probably the best reporting from the Middle East. He visits his
ancestral village in Lebanon. I hope we never invade that complex
country. We had to leave when (in our usual ignorance) we tried to make
peace there in 1982, but we long ago lost any status as peacemakers in
that part of the world. I was born in Beirut, but that doesn't make me
biased. I left when I was 2 years old, as a very young American citizen.

 Lebanon, My Lebanon

 By Anthony Shadid

 MARJAYOUN, Lebanon There are not too many addresses in Lebanon, in the precise, ZIP Code sense of the United States; they tend to be anecdotal, albeit spoken with authority. Such were the directions to Jdeidet, Marjayoun, a small Christian village tucked in a rugged corner of Lebanon, nestled...

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