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Scorpions" war crimes trial in Belgrade

Jasmina Tesanovic, Belgrade: Scorpions Trial, April 13

[Ed. Note: This essay is part of a series of personal accounts from the "Scorpions" war crimes trial in Belgrade. Members of this "anti-terrorist" police unit are accused of atrocities against civilians during the war in former Yugoslavia.)

Jasmina Tesanovic
Belgrade, April 13, 2006

Hague Links

Today' s session was closed for the audience, however we Women in Black managed to get a permit to attend since that is our trade, the judge said.  She judged me from head to foot as I entered her office, seated me and signed the permit, but then once inside she asked us not to write about the testimony of the protected witness A because he asked so.

And I won't, also because all he said I already knew and wrote in the sessions before: I guessed out in previous reports what this link witness from Hague said. It wasn't that hard but his testimony has the impact of evidence, that's why it is important and closed for the public.

His body language is that of a troubled man who is hiding something but saying as much as he can He sounds intelligent and sly. He says a historical phrase, there always is one; a normal person would not execute such order, not that I was normal then, but a normal person would say NO, there have been examples in history of people who did it and got away with it.

Asked as to what is normality for him he explained thoughtfully: a normal person would not go to fight a war, he would stay back home. Once you are there you stop being normal.

[Image: Goranka Matic, Srebenica, 2002.]

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