Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

The Challenges Of Ethnic Cleansing In Israel

In response to some of my recent output, Terry Arnold has graciously
invited my attention to this essay of his which was published in on 1-26-04.  I commend it for its helpful insights and reminders.

QUOTED EXCERPT:   The history of the Jewish people denies the Israelis
the luxury of a "final solution" through ethnic cleansing. They thus
have three basic choices: One is to continue on the presently decaying
path of Israel as a hierarchical, Central European based oligarchy
supported by second, third and fourth class citizens (Sephardis,
Palestinian Jews, and Palestinians) who are increasingly dissatisfied
with the arrangement, and surrounded by neighbors who harbor deep-seated
grievances and fight back. The second is to achieve a compromise by
recognizing that all the parties have equal rights and interests. The
third is to recognize that the power of Judaism is always at its best
when based on spirituality and the values that have sustained it and
made major contributions to communities as enclaves and citizens
everywhere for millennia.

Biblical Jewish efforts toward purity and exclusiveness were always
frustrated, either by God or by the human condition. A vocal minority of
Jews suggests it should stay that way. God keeps his own counsel. The
human condition appears no better disposed than it was. Outsiders can
hope that realists among the Israelis will accept ethnic diversity,
already the dominant human condition virtually everywhere else.   END QUOTE
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