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CNI Ad in New York Times: Hamas, America and the Israel Lobby


Our full-page advertisement in the "Week in Review" section of the
Sunday /New York Times/ will come out on April 16th, this Easter Sunday.
Because we can save $17,000 per insertion, we have agreed to place
full-page advertisements in five more issues of the Sunday /Times/ in
the coming year. This Sunday's advertisement will appear on the back
page of the "Week in Review," which should be a premiere position for us
to reach the most readers. Subsequent ads will appear opposite the
editorial page in the same section.

A draft copy of the first ad can be seen on our website, which still has
to be accepted by the New York Times in the next 72 hours:
We are open to suggestions, which you can submit by replying to this
email. We do not anticipate any serious problem with the approval process.

We are going to need support for the additional five advertisements as
they appear, approximately every two months. However, if the past
advertisements are any indication, we will need only an additional
$50,000 for all five ads. Thank you to all those who have contributed to
our campaign. If you have not donated already, please consider a
donation to our New York Times ad campaign.
We are projecting that the six ads will recruit up to a thousand new
supporters of the CNI Foundation. Any contributions now or in the future
tagged for the /New York Times/ ad campaign will be kept in a special
account and used to make up the deficit we project.

These six ads should give the five million readers of the Sunday /Times/
each week a real reason to question U.S. policy in the Middle East and
to help us get the American public to focus on the need to constrain
foreign lobbies in general and the Israel lobby in particular.


Eugene Bird

PS: You can either send a check marked *"New York Times Ad Campaign"*
made out to *"CNIF"* to the address below or go to our website and make
a credit card donation:
Our staff can also take your credit card donation by phone by dialing
*(800) **296-6958*.

If you donate online, be sure to mark the box that says "I want my
donation to go to the placement of a full-page ad in the New York Times"
to specify your donation for this effort. If you prefer, you can even
give your donation anonymously by checking the box that says "I prefer
to make this donation anonymously."

To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Council for the National
Interest Foundation click here:

Donate Now!
Council for the National Interest Foundation
1250 4th Street SW, Suite WG-1
Washington, District of Columbia 20024

Telephone: (800) 296-6958
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