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Civil rights of transgendered Army vet confirmed by court

Civil rights of transgendered Army vet confirmed by court

A federal judge ruled last week that an employment discrimination suit against the Library of Congress, brought by the ACLU on behalf of a transgender veteran, may go forward. Plaintiff Diane Schroer is a male-to-female transsexual and a 25-year veteran of the U.S. Army. Snip from ACLU notice:
Finding that sex may not be "a cut-and-dried matter of chromosomes," the court ruled that federal protections against sex discrimination may also protect transgender people who are discriminated against based on their gender identity. In rejecting the government's argument that discrimination against transgender people is not sex discrimination, the court noted "the factual complexities that underlie human sexual identity. These complexities stem from real variations in how the different components of biological sexuality -- chromosomal, gonadal, hormonal, and neurological -- interact with each other, and in turn, with social, psychological, and legal conceptions of gender."
Link to more on the ACLU's website, and here's a copy of the court's decision (PDF).

posted by Xeni Jardin

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