Addict (drugaddict) wrote,


This is a total hoot. And it launched just in time to help me promote my glamtabulous new autobiographical podcast, X for Xendetta, in which incestuous friends with cathode-ray tans read short fiction about fluorescent bluetooth open source dildos in Lithuania. Henceforth, everything I blog will end in the phrase, "OMG, SOMEONE SAID SEX!1!!" Link, screengrab. (Thanks, Matthew Neill Sharp / Mathgeeks!)

Reader Comment: Incestuous Kool Kid says,

Give the guy some credit, FFS! I don't think you made it clear enough in this post that the meanie who created (and lovingly maintains) is Seattle-based Matthew Neill Sharp, who looks like this and runs this project and plays in a band called Mathgeeks with former NPR contributor Rick Carr and when he's not working on his day job, writing code and running server-side computery stuff for

posted by Xeni Jardin

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