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Peder Burgaard interview

Peder Burgaard is the Event Manager at Denmark's Innovation Lab, an "international wunderkammer of technology trends" that, among other projects, organizes the annual NEXT innovation conference in Copenhagen. I have the pleasure of working with Peder for the next few months while he's interning at the Institute for the Future. Régine Debatty of We Make Not Art has posted a long interview with Peder about the Innovation Lab, NEXT, and the relationship between art, technology, and invention. From the interview:
 Yyy PederFrom one edition of NEXT to the other, do you see that technology is moving at a rapid pace? Or is it a slow continuum with, here and there, too many repetitions?
Technology will be moving even faster and among others will the convergence of established disciplines in the future contribute to this increased pace. Convergence in research fields will be more common because we are increasingly looking to apply the construction work of Mother Nature for creation of advanced technology. So the biologist will need more mathematics and vice versa. Also the merging of biotechnology and nanotechnology will create a demand for researchers which interdisciplinary skills. A forerunner of this trend is Stanford University’s Bio-X Lab of interdisciplinary research connected to engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, math and medicine.

A future ability to reverse engineer the human organs and other advances in technology will keep the pace of new discoveries at an exponential level of unheard dimensions if compared to past rates of discoveries. Some predicts that the next 50-100 years will yield advances in technology equivalent to 14.000 years of previous discoveries.
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