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An Open Letter to Jimmy Carter

*Sent:* Tuesday, March 14, 2006 12:54 AM
*Subject:* An Open Letter to Jimmy Carter

To the Editor
Jordan Times

An Open Letter to President Jimmy Carter

Dear President Carter,

Your article "Colonization of Palestine Precludes Peace" published in
The Jordan Times makes a well-reasoned and welcome exposition of the
salient facts regarding the Palestinian situation.  In particular, it
underscores the real problem to peace and stability in the area, namely
Israel's colonization and occupation of Palestine.  Your clear-sighted
description of the dangers of Israel's intention of unilateral
demarcation of its borders is apt, to the point and is to be highly
commended. I, as well as many others in Jordan and Palestine, am
familiar with your work throughout the world in conflict resolution and
your commitment to peace and justice. We particularly appreciate your
efforts in Palestine-Israel.  However, Mr President, I have certain
reservations about the emphasis of the three recommendations at the end
of the article.  These recommendations do not seem to follow from the
points so cogently set down in the article and appear to be unbalanced.
They place the onus for a solution primarily on the Palestinians, the
victims of the colonization and occupation.  You emphasize Israel's
right to exist and live in peace but fail to mention the right of
Palestinians to exist in freedom and peace in a viable state of their
own, although this should be the logical outcome of your exposition.
You specify that the killing of innocent people by suicide bombs or
other acts of violence (by whom?) cannot be condoned, but there is no
mention of Israel's brutal occupation, targeted assassinations, home
demolitions, imprisonment and torture of Palestinians.  Finally, you
describe the Israeli settlements on Palestinian land as "a major
obstacle" whereas they are" illegal" and contravene international law
and UN resolutions supported by the USA.

Mary Atalla

Amman, Jordan
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