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The Controversial study -- The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign

As to be expected, the battle has been joined over the newly published
critique of the Israeli lobby in the U.S.  --  */_The Israel Lobby and
U.S. Foreign Policy_/*  --  which has been authored by John Mearsheimer,
a top international relations theorist based at the University of
Chicago, and Stephen Walt, the academic dean of Harvard University's
John F. Kennedy School of Government.  This somewhat more temperate
assessment by Ori Nir is to be found in the March 24th issue of the
magazine *_/Forward/_*, the august Jewish publication in the United
States.  .

Daniel Levy in the March 24th issue of the Israeli daily */_Ha'aretz_/*
offers a helpful commentary concerning this Mearsheimer/Walt study.  [Daniel
Levy was an advisor in the Prime Minister's Office, a member of the
official Israeli negotiating team at the Oslo B and Taba talks and the
lead Israeli drafter of the Geneva Initiative.]
  QUOTED EXCERPT:  The new John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt study of
"The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy" should serve as a wake-up
call, on both sides of the ocean. . . . their case is a potent one: that
identification of American with Israeli interests can be principally
explained via the impact of the Lobby in Washington, and in limiting the
parameters of public debate, rather than by virtue of Israel being a
vital strategic asset or having a uniquely compelling moral case for
support (beyond, as the authors point out, the right to exist, which is
anyway not in jeopardy). The study is at its most devastating when it
describes how the Lobby "stifles debate by intimidation" and at its most
current when it details how America's interests (and ultimately
Israel's, too) are ill-served by following the Lobby's agenda. . . . Not
yet a tipping point, but certainly time for a debate. Sadly, if
predictably, response to the Harvard study has been characterized by a
combination of the shrill and the smug. Avoidance of candid discussion
might make good sense to the Lobby, but it is unlikely to either advance
Israeli interests or the U.S.-Israel relationship.   END QUOTE

Predictably there will be an awful lot of verbiage, much of it wantonly
high decibel, over this Mearshimer/Walt issuance.

For any who wish to refresh themselves on the text of this
Mearshimer/Walt publication I refer you to:  That is the shortened
version.  The full 81-page PDF version is found at:
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