Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

The Originals

Robert Maxwell

Lauri Faggioni | Artist
She is a writer, director, production designer and choreographer, but the only title Lauri Faggioni will answer to is toymaker. A fast learner, she racked up all those credits in just over two years, after her adorable felt-and-muslin stuffed animals caught the eye of the filmmaker Michel Gondry. Now a star in her own right, Faggioni trots the globe. She found this 1920's flamenco dress at the San Telmo flea market in Argentina. "My boyfriend is always trying to get me to go out in it," she says, revealing what may be the one thing she can't do. "But I can't go out in a dress with an eight-foot train."

Robert Maxwell

Glenn, Patsy and Eddie | Hell's Angels
In the tradition of easy riders before them, John the Baptist and his friends, of the New Roc Hell's Angels in New Rochelle, N.Y., spend their lives on the road. Whether speeding down the autobahn in Germany or snaking through the jungles around Rio de Janeiro, they are always raring to go. Of soaring over the salt flats of Utah, John says, "You're like an instant away from death, and that thrill never gets old." Neither does their signature black leather clothing, as much a part of their style as their Harleys.

The Originals
The world is their oyster on the half shell.
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