Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Military Propaganda Buoys An Ailing President
So it turns out that the largest air assault since the overthrow of
Saddam Hussein was nothing more than a routine combing operation. The
story was headline news for an entire day and even brought about price
jumps in an already nervous oil market. So why would the military use
such misleading language? Is it possible that they hyped the story on
purpose? Is the War in Iraq so utterly unpopular with the electorate
that the three-year anniversary needed a little va-va-voom? There seems
no other explanation, even the BBC have picked up on it.W is
desperately trying to put a positive spin on the conflict, despite Iyad Allawi
openly talking of Civil War. Bush said that the strategy being
implemented “will lead to victory”. But the world is becoming weary
of such empty promises. After all, we were told that it was “Mission
Accomplished” back in May 2003, yet the killing and suffering of the
innocent continues unabated.Torture, chemical weapons, extraordinary
rendition, cluster bombs, black ops, oil contracts, dossiers, shoot to
kill, 23 billion missing dollars, orange jump suits, dead journalists
and cartoons…Can we take another 3 years of this?Bush Upbeat [9]US
Assault Grabs Global Attention [10]Dave.
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