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jib / (jib) / n. / a triangular sail: ' "He's one classy rapper. Even the jib on his yacht is bespoke"; / v. / to rebel, to refuse to comply, e.g., ' "Remind me: was it Stokely Carmichael or George Clooney who said, 'Jib the system'?"; also, cut of one's jib, an idiomatic expression for one's general appearance or personality, as in, ' "I don't like the cut of his jib."


androgyne / (an dra jini) / n. / an androgynous individual, as in, ' "His clothes are designed for androgynes — I tried on a suit, and I didn't know whether I was Arthur or Martha"; a fitting ambisexual handle at a time when designers and other cultural producers are blurring the markers of gender and sexuality: ' "Have you seen the latest teen androgyne on MTV? He's a mascara-wearing, cross-dressing mix between young Elvis, David Bowie in his bisexual years and Elton John when he was married to Renata."


playboy / (play boy) / n. / a man, a voluptuary who is devoted to the pursuit of pleasurable activities, e.g., ' "He's such a bottom-pinching Euro playboy — he thinks he's Rubirosa," or, ' "Carlo's been acting like a playboy since he started wearing white suits and no socks"; this season, a recurring motif in men's fashion, as designers from Armani to Zegna paraded more boulevardier threads than there are in Hef's wardrobe. See you at the mansion!

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