Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

A Million Little Pieces" and "My Friend Leonard

From: bbopandbeyoind <>
To: "Christopher Keeley, LICSW" <>
Date: Mar 12, 2006 11:44 AM

Not to worry.....there is still the 8th and 9th step that Frey can make use of.......OH WAIT!....that's right....The Twelve Steps are a bunch of crap that don't apply to Frey. Oh well. I wish someone had informed me beforehand of a better life through progressive dishonesty....I might have made a few million myself in telling people that the Hazelden folks actually sanctioned my leaving rehab, with authorized personel, to ride in on a white horse to save the object of my alleged rehab romance from a crack house from another bad blowjob.
It's comforting to know, that I can sit around on a rainy day, humming "God Bless America" or even boxing promoter, Don King's version "Only in America"!  It's gonna be a real toss-up in the next "No Bell Pizza Prize" when Frey and Bush square off for the greatest frauds perpetrated to mankind. It's the "No-Bell" prize in that not enough people (Oprah and publishers at the top of the list) when obvious warning bells sounded and  stood up to stop the injustice, both when Frey published his now proven fictionalized memoirs and Geroge W. took his nation ( and his coalition of one Spanish soldier cook, a Polish telephone communications specialist, one infintry soldier from Moldavia, and an ex-Australian football player turned paratrooper) to war, on false precepts and similar fiction based thinking.
Meanwhile, my friend "Leonard" lies in Sloan Kettering Hospital in NYC, with over 20 years of sobriety and a life based on honesty and integrity, a wonderful family, a stellar music career, and a rare form of cancer needing a nowhere to be found perfect bone marrow transplant to POSSIBLY save his life.
How does that second stanza of the James Brown's "Living in America" go?
I got ants in my pants and I need to dance?
Gregory B.
Martha's Vineyard and NYC

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