Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

America and the World - Carl Coon

I warmly commend this tour-de-force by Carl Coon.

QUOTED EXCERPT:   In 1871 Daniel Bliss had the following to say, when he
laid a cornerstone for the new Main Building of the new American
University of Beirut:

"This College is for all conditions and classes of men without regard to
colour, nationality, race or religion. A man white, black or yellow;
Christian, Jew, Mohammedan or heathen, may enter and enjoy all the
advantages of this institution for three, four or eight years; and go
out believing in one God, or in many Gods, or in no God. But it will be
impossible for any one to continue with us long without knowing what we
believe to be the truth and our reasons for that belief."

We live in a more secular age, but the thought is there. Amen.   END QUOTE


/                                    J. William Fulbright, US Senator: /

/            "To criticize one's country is to do it a service ...
Criticism, in short, is more than a right; it is an act of patriotism -
a higher                     form of patriotism, I believe, than the
familiar rituals and national adulation." /
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