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Jasmina Tesanovic on Mladic arrest: Less Than Human

Jasmina Tesanovic on Mladic arrest: Less Than Human

Less than Human (The Cunt, The Gun, The State)

Jasmina Tesanovic

BELGRADE, 22 February 2006

I refuse to speak the name of the Bad Guy Who Became the Good Guy. When Milosevic was in power, for years on end, his words and face everywhere, his and his alone, while those of us, the political idiots, the victims, were so baffled and mute, I gave a vow to myself: the Word is power. I will never mention his name, privately or publicly.

This Bad Guy who became a good guy, because he pleads guilty in front of his God: he wants attention.

He gives long speeches, speeches full of himself and his new way out of prison: out of himself. He pleads for our sympathy, for compassion as though this lessens his guilt, and the victims' relatives feel disgusted. So does his boss, the number one indicted, who gave the order, who conveyed those orders from somebody else... He, who plays the game of the big Serbian hero from past centuries, and displays his grandeur saying literally:

I care for only three things in life: the Cunt, the Gun and the State.

God knows how many women he raped, whispered a relative sitting next to me...

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