Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

From a hunter's wife: Taylor Marsh

' ..Earlier last night, I'd spoken to my husband about the Whittington story at the top of this post, which had been bothering me since I read it. Whittington taking two hundred pellets at 30 yards just didn't seem right. In fact, after reading about it I had my husband get out a shell before he left to finish his evening work so I could count out pellets of a 12 gauge, just to give me a reference point.

After he got home, out in front of our house, we walked off 30 yards. Walk it for yourself, it's around 7 average car lengths or so.

Now picture shooting a 28 gauge shotgun filled with approximately 350 tiny pellets. About 50 tiny pellets make up the diameter of a penny. The reason for 350 pellets is one or two hitting a bird would down it.

As soon as the pellets leave the shotgun barrel they start to spread out. By the time they get to 30 yards, only a few are going to hit a target that is 6' tall by 2 foot wide, give or take. In order for Mr. Whittington to get hit with 200 pellets in his
"face, neck and upper torso," around a two foot area on his body that lands him in ICU, it's more likely that Cheney and Whittington were much closer to each other than 30 yards. Again, using just one convenient source in the news today, referring to the "Misfire" article above, "The little pieces of shot break their cluster sooner, spray more widely, lose velocity faster."

Again, over half the shotgun pellets wound up hitting Whittington, at a distance away the vice president's office is saying was around 30 yards.

I'm not buying it and neither is my husband.

Why did the vice president's office and the White House pick the 30 yard marker for how far away Whittington was from Dick Cheney? Simple, as my husband said yesterday, the killing zone for a shotgun, without knowing the barrel length, is roughly 30 yards. Thirty yards is a safe alibi for hunter negligence, which is the very definition of Cheney shooting his hunting partner.
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