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SRL show in LA Chinatown: photos and phonecam video

Sean Bonner says,

Here's a bunch of photos that I took last night from our safety zone behind a quarter inch of plywood that was only knocked over by a machine with failing reverse gear once. Also, here's a 1.3MB 3GP video I shot of the action. I think the most surprising thing of the evening was that the event actually took place, we were expecting it to be shot down at any second. See all those windows in the background? Yeah, those are apartments filled with families.
Here are my phonecam snaps. This is my favorite, even though the photo is crap.

Here are some shortie video clips I shot on my Treo (3g2 format, viewable in Quicktime):

* crowd and resting robots before show
* Mark Pauline directing show setup
* machines come to life during the show.

Here are more photos -- some shot with real cameras -- that other people took and uploaded to Flickr. Among them, this photo (above, in which Mark Pauline redirects an errant robot) from user Daydream Aversion's SRL 1/21/06 photoset.

Reader Comment: IvyMike says, "Here's my personal take on Saturday night's SRL show in Chinatown." Link

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