Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

the beauty of a psychoactive drug called dimethyl tryptamine

Joe Rogan rants on the beauty of DMT

On some FM radio talk show in a flyover state, "Fear Factor" and "Man Show" star Joe Rogan rants for rather a long time about the beauty of a psychoactive drug called dimethyl tryptamine, and the neurological neccesity of dreams.

This is shore 'nuff one weird listen. All this time, I thought he just force-fed maggots to out-of-work models. Who knew he was a neuroscience buff? MP3 Link.

Excerpts of note:

# Life is a massive fuckin' mystery... and the best way to crack it is massive doses of psychedelics.

# Los Angeles is a cancer. It fucking stinks. Why do people keep having babies here? I believe it's our fucking purpose. Much like yeast makes bread rise or mold takes over a fucking sandwich.

# We are bacteria. That's what it's about.

Speak for yourself, maggot-boy. (via Wayne Correia's list, thanks T. Bias )

posted by Xeni Jardin at 05:50:50 PM


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