Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

In Memory of Eugene McCarthy

The memorial service for Gene McCarthy at the Washington National
Cathedral today was attended by a huge throng, including many veterans
of the 1968 campaign who came from near and far. I hope it will be well
covered by the Post and other media tomorrow. The service lasted two
hours, but was not too long. There were outstanding tributes delivered
by former President Clinton, Congressman James Oberstar of Minnesota,
children Michael and Ellen McCarthy, Mary Alice Williams, and The
Reverend Dr. Harlon L. Dalton of New Haven. Participation by numerous
clergy including several Jesuits and the Episcopal Bishop of Washington.
Music and songs by Peter Yarrow and Bethany Yarrow (remember Peter, Paul
and Mary?), notably "Sweet Survivor," with the audience joining in on
"This land is our land."
   I hope the tributes will be made available and circulated, and if so
I will send them along in due course. They all had relevance to our
current domestic and world situations, and were worthy recollections of
the role once played by Gene McCarthy.
   This is a bookmark picked up at the after service reception. Gene's
poem was read at the service.
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