Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

This is the hospital where the word "psychedelic" was coined by Dr. Osmand.

Midcentury LSD Experiments at Canadian mental hospital

Bob says,

LSD hospital

The post about Albert Hofmann's 100th birthday reminded me of the 1950s and '60s LSD experiments held at a hospital in Weyburn, Canada. This is the hospital where the word "psychedelic" was coined by Dr. Osmand.

Around 1991, I met a former orderly of this hospital. He told me that they had no idea about how much LSD they could safely take and they gave him enough to float the hospital. Apparently, the staff was used in these experiments.

This link gives a brief history of this mental institution. A very creepy place.

Previously: Interview with LSD inventor, Albert Hofman, who's now 100

: Cibby says,

While we're on the topic of LSD experiments in Canada, did you know the CIA funded LSD experimentation on humans there? At the Allen Memorial Hospital in Montreal, Dr. Ewen Cameron was hired by the CIA and recieved $69,000 to investigate the use of LSD for erasing memories and rebuilding the psyche. Here's the link to the Canadian Bulletin on Medical History. It was a brilliant idea for the CIA to outsource that to Canada. Those lazy Canucks would never suspect a thing!

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