Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

LSD and sex -

My friend writes: Interesting stuff. My parents used LSD at group Psychotherapy sessions in 1958 almost 50 years ago.
LSD certainly changed the way I look at some things.

Hofmann at 100 years old article

I remember some events, which occurred while I was using LSD as vividly as the day they happened. Like the time I was with Ms. R. a violent DRUNK. She was an insane alcoholic.

We would take LSD in her apt in yoeville in Joberg. We would fuck like there was no tomorrow an ACID orgasms that lasted hours wet cunts and hard cocks all night long!

Then on this particular night I was laughing so hard that (I was skinny at this point in my life) while laughing so hard my body would suck air up my ass and then I would fart it out. Air farts.

Over and over bring driven by the hilarity of the notion of how I kept making the farting noise. It way an endless cycle of laughing and airfrarting!!

On a more fuck up note no matter how fucked up Miss R. would get the only thing that would get her mellow was fucking her...HARD and then fucking her more...then she would pass out cum dripping out of her cunt as she would lay there spread eagle out like a kite...well fucked.

She wouldn't remember a thing the next day except that it hurt to walk or piss because of the night's super fuck.

This happened so much it was stupid the fucking had to begin where ever we were at the time she was being drunkenly violent so I fucked her all over the place at all times, It is more an admission of some bad behavior of my on really isn't.

She would spread 'em and demand to be fucked long and hard until she bleed, that is right I often fucked her till she'd bleed, Miss R. never gave anything except demands where's "My Drink!!" Fuck ME!! You cunt fucker Some times Chris I wonder if these really were the Days, WE were paranoid drunk stoned using LSD

What to you think? More fucking less acid? More bleed fucks, more smoke more spread wide

More LSD driven phsycotherapy for us ASAP.

The war is on we must fuck them till they BLEED
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