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Dr. Craig Weisman  researched and wrote an article on “directed forgetting.”  We can use our character flaws to help us with letting go of resentments we have forgiven, but not forgotten.  We can procrastinate on thinking about how someone harmed us.  We can focus on something we need to be doing other than remembering and old hurt in a self-centered way.  We can be careless about where we leave our old hurts in our memory, sort of misplacing them like we do our keys or our glasses, rather than having a special place for them.  We forget things all the time, at least I do, maybe we just need to apply the same practice to the stuff we have a hard time letting go.  One final trick, turning not just the feelings, but the entire memory over to our higher power.  

Forgiving others -
Releasing the past

There is a general reluctance on the part of most people to forgive old injuries. Some of us wasted lots of time brooding about old wrongs done to us or trying to get even for some past injustice.

But the only way we can ever really get even is to forgive others completely and without the slightest hidden reservation. If we haven't forgiven others, the old resentments are a poison in our own lives. We continue to feel the pain of the original injury, and the ensuing resentment destroys our peace of mind and endangers our relationships.

In forgiving others, we do not grant a favor to them, but to ourselves. By extending forgiveness, we release thoughts and feelings that have been like a cancer in our lives. We are not giving up a possession or a right; instead, we are freeing ourselves from a burden that nobody needs to carry. We are letting go of garbage that we do not need in our lives. When we forgive others, we also realize that we are forgiven. As it is stated in closing meetings, "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us."

I will not review past hurts and injuries this day. I will go through the day knowing that God forgives me to the extent that I forgive others.

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