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Jailhouse tech creations

Jailhouse tech creations

Noah Schachtman of Defensetech has a fascinating piece in Wired News today about Prisoners Inventions, a book about inmate-made contraptions behind bars -- written by a jailed man named Angelo. Shown here, a prison love-companion fashioned from plastic bags, toilet paper, and socks. Snip from story:
[The book] shows how inmates fashion dice from sugar water and toilet paper, dry bologna jerky on jail-house light fixtures, [and] turn hot sauce bottles into shower heads...

"This gives a glimpse into the everyday lives of the outrageous number of people we have in our prison system," said [Chicago-based art group] Temporary Services' Marc Fischer, who first started trading letters with Angelo in 1991. "And it's a celebration of the creativity that comes in response to their restrictive environment."

In the movies, "prisoners only create things to escape, get high or kill each other," Fischer notes.

Angelo's objects show a more banal, more human side of locked-down life: one where soda cans filled with rocks become crude alarm clocks and inmates cool their drinks in toilet bowls.



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