Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

My neice Katie Frank - still a young highschool student
was just published!
Katie had a theater review published in the Georgetowner, which is hard to
get online.

Grease at Woodrow Wilson

by Katie Frank - Montgomery Blair High School

Printed in the Georgetowner

Poodle skirts, greased hair, drive-in movies, the hand jive‹add them
together and you¹ve got the rocking and rolling 1950s musical, Grease.
Woodrow Wilson High School took its own shot at the classic show and
succeeded with hilarious characterizations and soulful vocals.

Grease first appeared on Broadway in 1972, and went on to please audiences
around the world. In 1979 it found an even larger audience with the hit
movie version of the play. The storyline centers around Rydell High School,
where two prestigious cliques, the Pink Ladies, led by the fiery Rizzo, and
the Burger Palace Boys, led by the suave Danny Zuko, rule the school and
flirt endlessly with one another. Enter Sandy, a proper young lady who just
happens to have been Danny Zuko¹s summer fling. Will Danny take her back,
and risk his cool-guy image? Wilson High School let its audience have an
entertaining time finding out.

Wilson skillfully navigated through this hectic and high-energy show, and
was helped by its precise, lively ensemble. The show was memorable because
of some of its excellent lead actors as well as various sidesplitting comic

Laura Hankin was believable as Sandy and sang beautifully in the lovesick
ballad, ³Hopelessly Devoted to You.² Jordan Brown¹s Danny Zuko was charming,
energetic, and reminiscent of the movie¹s John Travolta. His performance of
³Alone At the Drive-In Movie² was an endearing portrayal of the universal
embarrassment that comes with being a teenager.

Most memorable was Rosa Kelly¹s portrayal of the hardened bad girl Rizzo,
who makes fun of Sandy¹s virginal qualities and deals with her own pregnancy
scare. Kelly commanded the stage as she mocked poor Sandy in the song, ³Look
At Me, I¹m Sandra Dee,² and revealed Rizzo¹s more vulnerable side in ³There
Are Worse Things I Could Do.²

Many of the supporting actors helped anchor the show and kept the energy
steady. VonDexter Montegut¹s Doody was painfully adorable, with his winning
smile and bright-eyed innocence. Ersan Aygün drove the audience to tears of
mirth with his portrayal of the Teen Angel, and Byron Grant was as
shamelessly nerdy as he could possibly be in the role of Eugene.

The cast did a great job channeling the choreography from the movie, and
even added a little of their own flair. Erick Whitaker ruled the dance floor
as Johnny Casino during the High School Hop.

The set was simple but suitable and the costumes stayed true to the 1950s
time period. Some minor sound glitches did nothing to slow the actors down.

Woodrow Wilson High put on a solid, humorous production that took the
audience traveling back to the hopping 1950s. One might say it was peachy
keen, jellybean.

Michal Keeley
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