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Pete Returns To Rehab For Kate
05/12/2005 10:00 AM
Troubled singer Pete Doherty has vowed to return to rehab in a bid to win back his ex-lover Kate Moss, who ditched him when he abandoned the treatment she paid for.

The crack addict rock star quit the Meadows clinic in Arizona - where Moss kicked her own cocaine habit - last week after just nine days of treatment.

But despite branding rehab "rubbish", he is determined to resume the therapy to rekindle his romance with the supermodel.

He says, "She's furious with me for leaving rehab - and that's understandable. But I will go back in. I've promised her.

"I don't know how Kate managed to get off the cocaine because I thought the clinic was a load of rubbish.

"When I went there it felt like a prison. It was a waste of time in the middle of the desert.

"But if it means being with Kate, I will go back there. I swear we will get back together."

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