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swords into ploughshares

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Buy tanks and guns to be melted down for African farm-implements

A charitable Christian retailer in the UK invite you to purchase AK-47s, tanks, and rocket-launchers that will then be donated to blacksmiths in Sierra Leone to be converted to farm-implements.
Peace is paying dividends in Sierra Leone. The same civil war that depleted the country of tools and work is now providing ample raw material for recovery: weapons. Enterprising blacksmiths and metal workers convert them into farm implements so that a Kalashnikov becomes hoes and axe heads and a rocket launcher transforms into pickaxes, sickles and even school bells.

The indisputable heavyweight champ is a tank (or a heavy duty 16 wheeler) that can provide a year's work for 5 blacksmiths, turning it into 3,000 items vital to equip a farming village of 100 families. Jobs, tools, agriculture. It isn't everyday that what you long for comes true.

Link (via WorldChanging)