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ONE BRIGHT SHINING MOMENT: The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern


Coming Soon- One Bright Shining Moment

ONE BRIGHT SHINING MOMENT: The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern

125 minutes, color / b&w, 2005

Narrated by Democracy Now! Host Amy Goodman

George McGovern’s bold and grassroots presidential campaign of 1972 may have been the ultimate political defeat of the American Century, but also was perhaps its high watermark. Using a wealth of archival materials, interviews with prominent progressives like Gore Vidal, Gloria Steinem, Warren Beatty, Howard Zinn and featuring music from Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, Donovan, and Elvis Costello, this portrait of an “honest, idealistic man driven by a sincere wish to help his country will make you weep for our current political state.” - IFC

Click here to view the trailer.

** Director Stephen Vittoria and Senator George McGovern will lead a Q&A following the 6pm show and introduce the 9pm show on opening night, Friday, September 16th. Stephen Vittoria will also speak at the 6pm and 9pm shows on Saturday, the 17th.

"An elegy for decency and true democracy in American politics...Its ferocity about the state of American politics could earn it substantial numbers among doc, arthouse and politically progressive audiences." - Variety

"Thoughtful interviews with an array of insiders (including Dick Gregory, Gloria Steinem, Warren Beatty, and Gary Hart) reflect back on the man who ran on a platform of fairness and compassion. Of the many political documentaries that have recently emerged, ONE BRIGHT SHINING MOMENT resounds perhaps more strongly than any other." - Hamptons International Film Festival

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