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Letter to the Editor

We sent this letter to the editor to the Washington Post. Look for it,
but don't hold your breath.
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 11:33:21 -0500
Subject: Letter to the Editor
 November 17, 2005


Bob Woodward and some other journalists seem to have forgotten what a
free press is supposed to do: inform the reading public of what is going
on. It is not to protect its sources at the White House who for more
than two years have tried to evade responsibility for the attempts to
discredit and defame Joseph Wilson, who criticized the administration
for lying to try to justify the war in Iraq, an effort by the “leakers”
that included blowing his wife’s cover.
This case does not concern protecting some whistle-blower inside the
government who discloses an instance of malfeasance by a public official
to a reporter to bring the matter to public attention so that corrective
action can be taken. This case is about senior administration officials
trying to enlist reporters in a campaign (conspiracy?) to discredit and
silence a critic, using secret information, acts that constitute
malfeasance itself. The reporters who fought against testifying were
thus protecting these malefactors, not protecting their access to
confidential sources.
As for Mr. Woodward, his participation in the plot has now reportedly
been disclosed to the special prosecutor by an administration official,
apparently in an effort to build a defense case for Mr. Libby. But the
latter was not indicted for being the first to disclose Mrs. Wilson’s
CIA affiliation to the press and public. Mr. Libby was indicted for
lying, perjury, and obstruction of justice. Mr. Woodward’s long silence
seems to have been motivated by a wish to protect his access to the top
people in the administration, whose mouthpiece and apologist he has now
become in one book after another. Some investigative reporter!

Robert V. and Louise S. Keeley
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