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switch from Internet Explorer to the free and open alternative, Firefox.

Inducing people to give up Explorer: Kill Bill's Browser

The Kill Bill's Browser site campaigns to get people to switch from Internet Explorer to the free and open alternative, Firefox. In addition to an hilarious, racy list of thirteen reasons to do this, the site comes with the news that Google will pay you a dollar for every person you induce to switch to Firefox, and has a script for alerting Explorer-using visitors to your site of the benefits of switching.
1. You'll only see porn when you want to.
Sick of seeing pornographic pop-ups all over your computer while you're helping your daughter with a research project? Since Firefox blocks pop-ups, you won't get tons of porn in your face when you're least expecting it. On the flip side, since Firefox stops spyware from taking over your computer, there will be nothing to slow you down when you go and look for porn.

2. Your kids will only see porn when they want to.
Sorry, buddy... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

3. Your computer won't spend its free time telling the world about Viagra soft tabs.
Experts say 80% of spam comes from hacked PCs. Firefox has much better security, so your computer will get hacked less. Do it for the children, the children! (caveat: reducing Viagra spam may also reduce total number of children.)

4. Mozilla doesn't inflate prices and use the money to vaccinate children in Africa.
Uhh... wait a second. Maybe Microsoft's monopoly hasn't been all bad. Better donate to Oxfam. Seriously, you should.

Link (via EFF Minilinks)

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