Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

CIA Vets comment on prisoner abuse reports

This item courtesy of Ray Close.

I particularly admire these terse but emphatic and convincing
observations from Dick Stolz, a former Deputy Director of Operations at CIA.

*Ray:  If we want to worry about something serious, it is today's
WashPost front page story about our apparent involvement with these
extra-legal camps and the way we are allegedly handling the prisoners.
What can they tell us after several years, with or without torture? How
did we get into this? What the chicken hawks in this administration
can't seem to understand, despite what Senator McCain keeps trying to
tell them, is that the Geneva Convention is all about reciprocity. (What
would they know about combat?)   I am sure I'm not the only one in this
distinguished group who had a real chance of being taken prisoner during
WWII.  It's not enough to say that the other guys are so bad they will
ignore the Convention.  I worry every day that they will do just that
if/when they capture one of our soldiers. The publicity we are getting
and will continue to get is very bad. Goss and Negroponte really must do
something about this. End of sermon. Dick*
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