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Court Nominee Has Free-Market Bent

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Okay, points taken. I'm suffering from blog fatigue. Blood sugar too low.
Must have lunch.
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How did you get the impression I had any particular animus against Alito
himself, CRP? He may well be OK although I doubt it--but the point I was
making is that Bush is packing the court with business-friendly free-trade
advocates and *that* is what the Democrats should be howling about. Since
the Democrats themselves believe in the free-trade mantram/bullshit though
it's not surprising they don't object to Bush giving the country to the


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Subject: Re: Court Nominee Has Free-Market Bent

Fine, Jawn. But just please cool your jets There's no point in going to
mat on every & all issues.

Hey, this new paisano is a scholar in the law, can write and speak
notes) English, and is persuadable by reason. "Scolito" is scirrilous
claptrap. Thoughtful conservatives and even bloviators like Spector say

Let's hear it for less blogspeak and more competent advocacy in the

e.g. re Walmart 's "health care" and other HR policies, and re
lies leading to high crimes, which are impeachable offenses. Democratic
knee-jerk bleating re Alito is feckless and demeaning to our party (I am
still a Deaniac and against Pal Joey L.)

Uplift your spirits by viewing on C-SPAN (online) the Rosa Parks Memorial

AME Church, Washington, and Joe Wilson's appearance before the Press Club,
especially the Q & A..

With a tut-tut and a a curmudgeonly envoi .

.CP in KC
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This story was sent to you by: John Bosley

This is the real reason for the nomination. Roe v. Wade is a very
distraction--which the left is predictably going to focus on (or at least
the servile media will allege that they're focusing on this kind of
issue). Meantime neoliberalism will be reinforced big time. Miers was
notably pro-business too. Bush's "base" doesn't give a rat's ass about
issues that get the Christian right all excited; the base is all about
grabbing all the money they can get their hands on. I'll bet most if not
of the early cases (if Alito is confirmed)are about consolidating the
of business over America. Maybe a token case involving hot button moral
issues but nothing would play into Bush's hands more than if Alito voted
to affirm Roe v. Wade.

Court Nominee Has Free-Market Bent

Bush's choice to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has a
pro-business record.

By Molly Selvin
Times Staff Writer
November 1 2005

Although Samuel A. Alito Jr. has spent his entire legal career on the
government payroll, President Bush's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court
has a strong free-market philosophy likely to please corporate
America, legal experts said Monday.
The complete article can be viewed at:,0,523148.story

Visit at
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