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Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Nirvana Candy Contains Drugs

Nirvana Drug Candy

According to KVUE in Austin, Texas:

The Colony police stumbled across a not so sweet find. They confiscated 22 chocolate bars laced with drugs in the 4600 block of Ridgepointe Drive. Authorities said the chocolate bars contained dried mushrooms, hash and marijuana. The bars are called Nirvana and have a street value of more than $4,000. Two 19-year-olds face numerous charges including possesion of a controlled substance. Investigators said the candy looked like normal candy bars.

Now listen up kids…..if someone offers you a $4,000 candy bar, just say NO! You do NOT want to find any Nirvana in your trick-or-treat bags this year. This is taking Candy Addiction to a new level.

Full story at KVUE (registration required)

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