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How are you?  Hope you’re doing well.  I checked out the article you cite below and it looks like this “development” money is part of a $2.2 billion aid package that Israel has requested from the United States to fund the Gaza “disengagement”.  This would make it additional to the roughly $3 billion yearly military and economic aid.  We have been opposing this supplemental aid package since we first heard details of it and we’ll continue to follow it.  As of now, it has not yet been introduced in Congress.  For more details, please see our action alert of funding for the Gaza “disengagement” at:


Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  Thanks for your continued support.






Josh Ruebner

Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

office phone: 202-543-1778


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The Haaretz article at the URL below states that Israel has requested a $2.25 billion "development" aid grant.  Are you aware if this is in addition to the regular $3 billion annual grant?   We Americans should stop enabling the Israeli occupation as any funding from us is invariably used, directly or indirectly, for that purpose.  If you know, please tell me what the status of this may be and if End the Occupation is working against this additional funding.  If so, I will contribute some additional support for that specific purpose.

Sincerely and appreciation for the fine work you do toward peace,     
John F. Boveri
Boveri Workgroup

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation wrote:
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