Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Before rehab I wanted to feel good all the time.

LC: Think Woody ever went to rehab?
TR: What?

LC: I have to ask about rehab.

TR: Oh my god, where do you get the goods?

LC: I don't think it's embarrassing. It's common knowledge.

TR: Really?

LC: Sort of. Better to air it. Everyone's doing rehab these days anyway.

TR: Oh, I know, it's chic. I know so many people doing it.

LC: Silver Hill?

TR: No, somewhere in Pasadena. It was my first time. It really changed my life, made me really look at myself. It brings it all right down to simple things. It's nice to put your life on pause. Life is a beautiful thing. Before rehab I wanted to feel good all the time. "All things in moderation," as my mother always says. But a little excess can be good every once in a while.

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